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tradition of christmas trees 220 years in U.S.
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Millions of Families All Over the World have been a Part of the Musical Twirling Angel Chimes Christmas Tradition.

For Millions of Families, it is just "not Christmas Until You Hear the "Angel Musical Chimes and the Revolving Angels Driven by the Rising Heat from 4 Candles.
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The Christmas Tradition Now in U.S. For 100 years.

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To them, it just would not be Christmas without the sound of the candle driven musical angel chimes filling the house.

The Angel Musical Chimes Tradition came to the United States with many immigrant families,

The Christmas tree tradition has become expensive with the purchase of a tree annually. In contrast the Angel Chime Christmas tradition has been carried on in some families with one Angel Chimes lasting for 50 Christmas Seasons and the only reoccurring expense the refill candles.

The Angel Chime tradition dates clear back to the 15th Century, however, the first patents were not granted until 1905 in Germany. The traditional brass Swedish Angel Chimes as most know it today was developed in Sweden in 1948.

In the last six years, several Chinese factories have produced various copies of the Swedish Chimes, smaller, lighter weight materials and lacking the Steel bearing surface used in the Swedish Chimes.

However, the cost of these "copy" chimes is about a third of the Authentic Chimes. The Swedish firm, discontinued production after losing money competing with the Chinese mass production of huge numbers at very low cost.

The Swedish factory was sold and moved to Turkey. There, after a year with no production, "Authentic" Chimes production has resumed using the same standards of the Swedish firm.

We have been selling the Swedish Chimes since 1972. We have been appalled at many representing the Chinese made Chimes as "Authentic", official, Scandinavian, and many other misleading names. The public often thinks they are getting the original Swedish quality chimes.

We seem to be the only long term angel chimes distribution that offers both and honestly explains the difference.

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The Chinese Chimes are a remarkable production for the low cost but do not be deceived, they are not the same Chimes that have been in many families Christmas for decades.

However, we tell you in instructions we supply with Chimes how to correct many of the problems, people have had with the Chinese Chimes.

However, the Chinese bells (chimes) are more of a clunk sound then a ding sound and we have had customers order spare part bells for Swedish chimes $3.00 for two, as the only solution.

We have selected, out of all of the Chinese Chimes manufacturers, what we consider the best of them. This one also happens to make a Dual Chimes copy, with including Circus Horses and a Clown to replace Angels for year around use for parties, anniversaries, etc.

We sell these Dual use Chimes complete for $5.95 and are the only Chinese Chimes distributor that guarantee your satisfaction on these or you can return them for full money back, no questions asked.

If you would like information on the Authentic Swedish Angel Chimes we also still sell, in big numbers, go to Swedish Angel Chimes.

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Chinese Chimes Come As Dual Set

Horses And Clowns Birthday Parties

Angels In One Set, Party Figures Included For Year Around Use.

Chinese Angel Chimes   Chinese Angel Chimes
We have sold hundreds of these low cost $5.95 slightly smaller chimes and with our instructions on how to adjust and handle assembly correctly. Customers seem happy with these chimes at a third the price and are by far the best of 3 Chinese Manufacturers Being Sold. We have only had one customer request a refund.
Front and Back Of Dual Chimes Box

These Chinese Chimes are slightly smaller than the traditional chimes, and possibly a measureable difference in metal gauge, not sure, etc., but amazing product for the price, which we are selling at $5.95 for the dual set and right now free shipping, with only the standard one handling charge for any size order.

Makes it a good time to order chimes as a present, with free shipping.

These chimes are useable year around, with the clown and 3 circus horses included, ideal for making birthday party, etc., memories.

The angels are the traditional and it comes with four 4-inch white candles. You may want to order some extra candles in the same order, get some bright yellow or other colors, etc., for birthday parties.

For Refill Angel chimes candle information go here to our site. Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or Money Refunded On Both Authentic Swedish Angel Chimes, or The Dual Set Chinese Party Chimes or anything you order from us.
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Specify number of Authentic Swedish Chimes at $16.95 (brass finish shipped unless you specify silver finish), and/or Dual Set Chinese made Chimes at $5.95 (plus $3.95 Total shipping one time handling charge, with FREE SHIPPING within U.S., Extended)

Both chimes come with one set of Candles.

To order extra candles, Add $5.65 per box of 20 Candles.
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These are the Best Chinese Manufactured Chimes Offered As Dual Set, For Year Around Use. Expands Value and Fun. $5.95 each set.